The Girl

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

In my dreams there is a girl
with glossy hair and warm brown eyes
that showed her age, her innocence
she came to me on wings so light
the rays of light shown through themselves

Illuminating all around her
she wore the clothes of her father
an off white dress shirt
that reached her knees
her wrists popped out of cuffed sleeves
in her hands she held the only thing
that everyone wants to protect
but in the end must give away
her loving heart laid softly beating

“Here” she said “take it and make it yours”
I don't think I could handle such responsibility
but her trust reached me at my core
“If you take mine then I'll take yours”
that seemed like a fair deal
if she breaks mine then I shall break hers
I hoped it would not come to that
“maybe we should live together”
to watch one another
she thought the idea over
“and what if I don't like how you treat it?”
then we return them
but you can keep a piece
to remember me and my heart

My own heart beat in happy anxiousness
how I longed to give her my heart
to take care of hers
I would keep it warm at night
tell it everyday how much I cared
when it grew sick I would mend it
I longed to know how she would treat mine
would she yell and cut it with her words
or tell it of her past and give it her secrets, troubles, woes

The girl looked up and her eyes shown bright
tears cascading down
her smile sweet and pure
“I will have your heart and you will have mine”

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