By All Means

May 10, 2011
By truheart93 GOLD, Santa Anna, Texas
truheart93 GOLD, Santa Anna, Texas
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"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today" - James Dean

By all means. By all means, I once said. Like I had a choice...

It's those days when nothing goes right.

Those days when all has failed.

My heart in tatters,my soul shattered,

My love seemingly derailed.

It's those days,when I wonder how you,

my loving girl who,could not save the worldto

hold her tongue,

trys to keep our hearts

singing one song sung.

When I scream and yell,

and require our all

You stand there,

taking the fall.

You take everything

that I could ever throw,

and all you require

is a question upon my soul.

The hardened and battered girl

who stands apalled,

you seem to understand

the boy who falls.

Those are the days

that I see right through

that tough exterior

into the warm interior known only by few.

Two hearts entangled.

In a sea of blue,

or a love so deep

it's a different hue.

Curvacious and luscious

meticulous and rushedness.

Those are the days

when I can tell

in those deep eyes

The question on

your mind.

They seem to ask

over and over,

the same question

that seems to hover.

Can I,no May I,please,oh please

to have and hold.

forever and ever.

till death cannot do us harm

and our hearts are no longer apart.

Your heart,at least for the time being.

Can I have your heart?

And what do I say?

By all means,

By all means, I now say

Like I had a choice...?

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