Dear mother ...

June 3, 2011
By ms.montez SILVER, Houston, Texas
ms.montez SILVER, Houston, Texas
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if you do something bad and get caught, just blame someone else =]

this one person once said , "you are special , don't let people bring you down just cause your different"

later that same person said "i love you , never forget that i will always be here"

not so long ago that same person said "goodbye"

stuck in my dreams ,

wishing on stars

making a deal with the devil

just to see you again




that somehow you were here

sometimes i fill up my heart

with hate

with tears

with ache

just so i have a reason not to miss you so much

i bring up the most horrible of memories

and hoping they would replace

the most wonderful and good times

to replace the good image

because i feel that i should hate this

hate you

hate all that you did

because you left me

i forgive you

for not raising me

for not being there for me

for treating me like a stranger

for no listening

for not believing in me

for hating me

but i will never forgive you

for leaving me

why do i love you

and miss you

if you don't care enough to be with me

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