The Pain

May 19, 2011
By HoneyBeeMelissa BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Florida
HoneyBeeMelissa BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Florida
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It hurts, this pain I have
How you spew words from the mouth without thinkable sin
My soul bleeds for escape
To be seen to be heard
Crushed from obscenity of your words
It’s hard to breathe the tighter you
Pull this corset of lies
My dreams have been crushed
My family, my home
I stay hidden behind a wall of words that mean nothing to you
But cost dearly to me
To escape to be free
Over time with your words thrown at me
I had to stitch myself together little by little
It hurts this pain I have
I thought I gave you my heart
But instead you ripped it out
You didn’t even bother to clean up the mess

The author's comments:
This piece i Created while at an art museum near the Orlando Shakespearian Theater. It was based off one of many magnificent art pieces

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