Good Riddance

May 18, 2011
By behappysmile BRONZE, San Leandro, California
behappysmile BRONZE, San Leandro, California
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How I loathe you
You, who I cried over
You, who I lost sleep over
You, who made me weak
You, who made me feel worthless

How could you do this to me?
I thought we were inseparable,
I thought it was improbable
that you would ever become my enemy.

How is it,
that you’ve changed?
Or have I always been blind?

How well you’ve acted,
this whole time
to be my friend.

No more will I waste myself
on you.

I’m strong
I don’t need you
Nor your stupidity
and negativity

So you criticize me,
for being myself?
You’re not perfect either
Yet I’ve never judged YOU.

If you can’t accept me
for who I am
you're not worth it.

So goodbye
Have a nice life
I hope you’re happy,
Although it’s hard to tell.

You push people away now,
even those who what to be your friend,
preferring only the company
of your boyfriend.
You just stopped caring
about everyone else.

So I’ll stop caring,
I’ll stop worrying,
So good riddance
to you.

The author's comments:
I lost a friend over the stupidest argument, and even though I tried to fix things, she gave up trying. This poem shows my feelings about it.

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