May 18, 2011
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Rain drops come d



Sharply as if it was hail.
I feel as though I am a flower
whose thirst is never quenched
My country no longer feels like home.
Home is were the sky brings sunshine filled with
Butterfly wings,
and were the grass is always painted green.
This is not home, it is a piece of land which a house stands on.
Now I feel as thought my country is in a fish bowl throwing itself against the glass.
Standing in an 8.9 earth quack paralyzed, hoping objects would surpass me.
When will it stop!
The ground feels as if it will forever be shaking
as if the sky will always be crying
as if my house will never be home.
My heart is in a fish bowl forever throwing itself against the glass
trying to escape deaths grasp.
Suddenly I hear a noise
finally, I step on broken glass.

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Anagam said...
Jul. 2, 2011 at 2:28 pm

It is sad how even though people know what happened in Japan they don't realize, like us teen, how other teens and children suffer. How not everything will be back to normal

You poem is amazing. I'm glad you took you time to write about it because I know I haven't and other teens haven't and with this you keeped others informed and inspire them to help!! :D

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