The Killer Alcohol

May 18, 2011
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When I see someone consuming the subtle killer
I feel chills down my throat into my inner core
Witnessing the consumers that I love devour the substance
The substance that never seems to fail to change a person
That person never truly accepts they have a problem with the killer
They deny their problem and it changes them completely
I can never look at someone straight in the eyes when the killer has haunted them for the night
It may not just last a night
It may last days
A Lifetime
The killer is called the killer because it is like killing someone slowly with a knife
Slowly sticking the dagger centimeter of a centimeter, sip by sip into the heart
That is until the dagger of alcohol is so far into the system you cannot even reach the dagger's handle
Too far into the soul
The pain is subtle, not easy to feel, until it all collides at once, and completely devours you to the grave
It is harder when you are the only one that has not been haunted by the killer
You have to remain running
Making sure you do not trip and fall
Because the minute it sees you weak, it will grab you and you will never come out
And the only thing you'll ever feel is the cold drip of poison running down your throat
To never see truly see the light again

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