you're just a cheap cause

May 20, 2011
By CieraForrester SILVER, Kenly, North Carolina
CieraForrester SILVER, Kenly, North Carolina
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i held your hand like a prostitute in love
washedup like a drunken preacher
too crazy to understand the words on your lips
too unaware to take my rightful place on stage

and yet we moved with grace.

you're like cheap pornography in a child's mind
as equally disgusting

and you know that i really don't give a damn
about your flaws
even though i pick them out

because in the end, it makes me feel like s*** on the inside

and you love it.

you're like that some days.
staging clueless when you know
like why i don't drive in the rain
why i call at 2 in the morning
why i can't fall asleep without your voice

and why i can't write whenever i'm happy
because i lie to myself.
I am happy.

you're like a carnival ride;
a rollercoaster

i'll write out our ups and downs
the cause of us
and the effects of

a simple glitch in the tracks.

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