The Rising

May 18, 2011
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The sun will rise again
Though there is hatred
And lust, malice and greed,
Though death stalks us all,
And all our hopes may die,
The sun will rise again.

Though your fears may grow,
May consume your light,
May erode all of you sanity;
Though relationships can die,
And people can be lost,
The sun will rise again.

Just as the glint in friends’ eyes,
The flash in lovers’ smiles,
Even the sparkle in dying eyes,
Knowing even then,
With a happiness inexplicable,
The sun will rise again.

Knowing even then,
Though darkness may cover the world,
Though breath m ay be stolen,
Though the lights may go out,
The darkness will not last forever,
For the sun will rise again.

So, let all your fears,
Let all you uncertainty,
Be like the darkness
As it cowers, as it withers,
Before the flowing gold
Of the cresting sun.

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