I Won’t Fit

May 18, 2011
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We never choose our own
direction in life because it is
pre-determined by the society
we live in. We are never free
of the chains that force us
to conform or allow us to be

These chains will bar us from
success as we want it to be, not the
twisted opinion of society. And
it is impossible to break free of
these constrictions to reach
our own forms of success- maybe
it’s something intangible- happiness-
but it is still a form, a measure,
of success.

I don’t want to conform into this
mold. I don’t fit. I want to be free
to be myself- be allowed to pursue
my own interests, even if they don’t
fit your mold- The Mold- of society
and how we should all be.

I don’t fit, and it won’t work. I’ll
bend, and break, and stretch the mold-
it will not work- I will never fit.
force me- but it won’t work.

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