Freshman Year

May 18, 2011
By keyonna BRONZE, Homewood, Alabama
keyonna BRONZE, Homewood, Alabama
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Freshman Year, oh it went by so fast
First it was August, now May is about to pass
At the beginning it felt like the year was never going to end
But looking back over the years i will truly cherish the moments i spend
Sophomore year can you wait just a little while longer
So i can live the rest of the days out more enjoyable, make my memories grow stronger
If i could i would take back all the grouchy days
Form them into better one's follow different ways
I would still laugh so hard till i cried with all my friends
Doing every thing with them each and every day till the end
The food will still be nasty and yes i will complain about it every day
Hoping that they will change the menu in some kind of way
Constantly staying on top of all of my grades
So when i get my report card back i wont be afraid
I'm going to miss the experiences i had my first year at this school
The drama,the excitement,the making your own rules
But i do have to except that this year is coming to an end
So goodbye my freshman hall,my old locker,and hello my sophomore year to begin.

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