Blue is compassion

May 17, 2011
By Kahlie Peterson BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
Kahlie Peterson BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
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Blue is compasion
Blue is the color of compassion
which you know none of!
You understand the meaning of love
You understand the meaning of compassion
But you lack both in character!
Such beautiful things can come from your mind
Yet you don’t ever truly mean it
So what if you were born of royal blood
we were all raised to be equal!
When I ask you a simple question
are those flowers for me?
You reply with a crude no
and try to explain yourself
yet all you had to do was to give me you flowers!
No, you wish to give them to your Patricha.
Enough, I finally cast you into a frog.
The frog is the color of green
Green means greed, or selfishness
That is why I cast you into this form
I can’t tell you that though or you won’t learn
This journey was made for you
not to injure you or to make you suffer
But to learn a lesson!
At first you think to get off easy
Think again!
You slowly start to fall for her
a common milk maid
You thrust yourself at her!
She denies you for another
Your workman/ best friend tries to mend your heart
The milk maid and you become friends!
You feed her, while she listens
You comfort her, and she comforts you
Your best friend sacrifices his life
trying to protect you!
Once again I see you picking flowers in my patch
This time for your friends grave
I feel like you won’t learn what I had desire you to
But I see her
The milk maid approaches you
yet you do not know she is here
She finds you writing a poem
She asks you to join her and her loved one
although it may be akward
she wishes for you to come
you decline her offer
You wish to stay here
You still believe in finding your true love!
She gives you a kiss goodbye
I once again appear
and ask you the same question
are those flowers for me?
You say no, but then pause
then you say yes
Finally you have learned your lesson

Blue is the color of compassion

The author's comments:
this poem was written based of of The Frog Prince.

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