Only one left...

May 17, 2011
Only one left….

I’m the only one left of my kind. The only one who listened . They’re waiting for me, to make a mistake , like the others did. I won’t . I’ll try not to. The pressure is rising. I’m the only one left to be an example to those younger than me. I’m not perfect. I can’t do this alone. I try to be stronger than those surrounding me. There’s to much to do. I can’t tell whether it’s time to step up and prove them wrong. To be greater than those who fell into the darkness. Inside I feel this…pressure of lost, pain sadness and fear and distress. I need an outlet but I can’t find one…
It’s my turn, to be greater than them to prove. Lie and fake that this hasn’t affected me all. When deeply it has emotionally and physically. They are or were a part of who I became. They pushed me to become something they knew they could never become or gain I was there puppet….

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