A Simple Wish

May 17, 2011
By Arshi SILVER, Toronto, Other
Arshi SILVER, Toronto, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"From childhood's hour I have not been,
As others were, I have not seen
As others saw..."(Alone) and "All that we see or seem, Is but a dream within a dream" - Edgar Allan Poe

Into the pouring rain, the roaring clouds- they ran,
The essences of youth trailing behind them,
Through the storm they sprinted, hand in hand.

They splashed into muddy puddles,
The thrashing thunderclaps penetrated their souls.
Restless,the drenched runaways
Passed the city lights, the busy streets,
And ran into the raging storm.

For miles they ran, searching,
Looking for a place to call home,
After a while they stood there, all together,
In a village where they’d belong.
Years of doubt, sleepless nights
They were the confused, suffocated young souls,
The runaways escaped, but
The village wasn’t a home yet, the storm was still raging on.
So facing the sky, they wished for the dark clouds to go,
And hoped that the heavens will allow
These runaways, the lonely ‘exceptions'
Allow them
To gaze upon a hidden rainbow.  

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