Soldier's Repression

May 17, 2011
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We sang our songs of merry
But the sorrow we couldn't hide
Of all the comrades we had lost
And the ones yet to die
We loved each other more
Than brothers in a war
But as one and the same

Our lives intertwined
Saying we would come back heroes
But those thoughts were buried
As soon as we saw our location

Grey dawns always at this place
Seems like a bad way to start this chase
Of cat and mouse
But who can claim those titles
We can only claim those of fear
And hatred of this wretched place

A field where blood and bone so freely mingle
Bits and pieces
Here and there
Of good fathers and bad fathers
Of good husbands and bad brothers

Who can tell who they were in life?
Who can tell me what they were?
Who will answer, who will answer for them?
Do you want to see his life drained face?
Maybe it will provide an answer to this question

He might have been my friend in other times
And other circumstances
But at least today
He is an enemy
Seen from far away

For his soul
And mine
I pray
These killings will not go unnoticed
They say

But now is not the time for such musings
No matter how much I seek an escape
And, alas, I have my orders
I spot a place where they will be carried out

Time to kill men again
Who might have been my friends

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