May 17, 2011
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I was standing,
High up, on top of a mountain I have never seen.
A place unknown to me, though I forever felt it existing,
In a land of magical evergreen.

The sky above me was cloud covered,
The nature at perfect stand still.
The scent in the air was like no other,
When the rain came pouring down,
As I had always imagined it will.
It drenched me, washed me,
Cleansed me of my filth,
It embraced me, caressed me
The rain purged me of my guilt.
The clouds’ tears, this rain was,
When it saw me standing,
High up, on top of this unknown mountain,
In a land of magical evergreen.

I was standing,
Admiring the restless waves of the ocean,
And the sky, now a show of lightning and thunder
Mystified, I watched the two worlds collide,
The clouds and the waves, roaring in unison.
This was a storm now,
The wind blowing fast,
Pushing me towards the edge,
With nothing to hold on to, on top of the mountain,
I lie face down, clinging to the wet grass.
To stay on top of this world, every part of me is fighting,
Not allowing the storm to push me, down into a dark world -
Unknown, unseen,
Fighting to stay on this mountain, that I found,
In this land of the evergreen.

I wait, still lying
Not opening my closed eyes,
I feel the calmness around me,
Breathe in slowly,
The storm is gone for now, and I smell the pines.
The land of evergreen is alive,
After the storm, refreshed and waiting,
The world waits, only for me
It awaits my exploring.
A thin curtain of mist falling across the land,
Hiding the horizon, caressing the ocean,
It touches my form, my soul
Like dew drops from the heaven.
I stand up, overwhelmed I stare-
Inside me is the essence of evergreen,
I am engulfed, in an unquenchable desire,
To be forever in the land, no one has seen.
All alone, me in my world,
I will be the only one to admire,
The sight from this mountain top, the nature’s masterpiece
I’ll be the only one loving it forever.

I was standing,
In my sanctuary, a mountain so dear to me
A place that embraces me, I doubted it’s existing
In this land of magical evergreen.

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