Sky (Memorial)

May 17, 2011
Sky the Fearless and Faithful 
Victim of the Heartless and Hateful
Never faltered 
Never fainted
Met her end on the blood-stained pavement

A saint born a sinner
With turmoil within her
She tried to escape
Her past mistakes
But had a head-on collision 
With her oncoming fate

Now her spirit can soar
With the birds she adored
Free to travel to skies
In everlasting flight

It wasn't her time
She wanted to change
To shine in this world
She saw as deranged 

She was never accepted
Always a skeptic
A hopeless romantic
Left hopelessly stranded

She thought so realistically 
Now she's statistical property 
Because of a single decision
The rest of her story
Is forever unwritten

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