Just Another Stereotypical Teenage Day

May 17, 2011
By Jackie719 BRONZE, Hillsborough, North Carolina
Jackie719 BRONZE, Hillsborough, North Carolina
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Wake up, six in the morning
Pull the covers up & switch my alarm off
Gotta go, hurry, faster
A rushed goodbye & I’m out the door.
Class, class, class, class.
No lunch today, tryin to save your money
Another practice, swimming back & forth
It’s to make you proud of me so I go everyday
If only it worked
You pick me up, a little late as always
I’m doing my best, keepin my attitude in check
Idle chit chat, for your benefit
I’d prefer silence, its been a tiring day again
Our car ride home is filled with your complaints
I listen carefully & try to please you with what I say
Catch up on my homework & my daily chores.
It’s dinner time, gather as a family.
You say I’ve got a ‘tone’, just like every other night
I grab my plate and walk away
With my heart pounding, sunk one inch lower than before
I’m sorry, Mommy, I guess I failed today.
I thought that maybe, if only for a day
I could be who you wanted if only for today
Sit down, embarrassed by my actions
Even though I tried to be the way you ask
Dad’s starin, sayin I’m a disappointment
I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to hurt her heart
I was only doing my best.
Eat, eat, chew, chew, chew.
Rush to go back upstairs.
Close my door, quietly so they won’t say I slam it.
Shed a tear and keep my head up.
Finish up that take home school work, shower & hop into my bed.
Read a little, pray a little, lay my head down.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll be the me you want.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally try hard enough

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