The Bitter Taste of Defeat

May 17, 2011
By DelaneySwims9 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
DelaneySwims9 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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I was so close I could taste the sweetness of victory
Only nine one hundredths of a second to be exact
The harsh aroma of a hot chlorinated pool
was barely noticeable anymore
And the crowd’s piercing screams
were only a humming buzz
I myself was so silent
that my mind was sharp and crystal clear
The loud beep of the starting gun
was the last thing I heard
before the cool water rushed over my body
I felt every ripple in the water
as I powered through the burning
of my oxygen deprived muscles
The outside world was spinning
and my mind foggy with adrenaline
I felt the wall
the finish line
Then seeing red numbers scattered
across the black board
that would either make or break me
I was too far away from that sweetness of success
Eight one hundredths of a second to be exact
And suddenly a wave of grief overcame me
and I could taste my warm salty tears
rolling down my cheeks
For I wanted so badly to taste the sweetness of success
but I was experiencing the bitter taste of defeat

The author's comments:
This is when I missed the state record for the 50 fly when I was 12 in swimming.

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