One Fish in a Great Sea

May 17, 2011
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See, my friend, there is this old saying that states
“There’s plenty of fish in the sea”
But I truly believe this message is flawed
And that once in a lifetime you meet a fish that makes you disagree.

This fish, to others, may not mean much
It may not be the most graceful, nor the flashiest fish of all
But to a fish like you this means nothing
Because both its inner and outer beauty have the power to enthrall

This fish swims in the same school as all the other fish
It is exactly like all the other fish, except to you
Whenever you happen to be able to see this fish
You cannot do anything because your mind goes askew

You try to get this fish’s attention through kindness and caring
But no matter how hard you try or what you do
It will never be enough, because this fish is an angel
And it will always find another wounded fish that is needier than you

You cannot blame the fish though, that is for certain
Its beneficent ways certainly are one thing that cannot be criticized
It is the guardian of the well-being of its fellow creatures
Or the lifeboat of a marine vessel that has just capsized

You might wish you could have this fish for yourself
But sometimes you have to step back and realize the needs of others
If you were the wounded fish and needed an angel to save you
Would you not want the support of your fellow sisters and brothers?

Although the cliché says that there are plenty of fish in the sea
One must realize there are certain fish that to one’s dismay
Only allow themselves to be admired and yearned after for a brief moment
Then suddenly they are stirred by trouble and forever slip away...

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