May 17, 2011
By IndigoBZA BRONZE, San Leandro, California
IndigoBZA BRONZE, San Leandro, California
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Lost in the reality
of misery and despair
Constantly feeling the dark residue
of pain in the air
Continuously picking up
pieces of broken dreams
Forever trying to keep my head up
but when I look up
there’s nothing there
Only the images of the hopeless life
That I must bear
Where can I go from here?
What’s my next move?
I have nothing to prove
What you see is what you get
I’m a waste of God’s precious time
I’ll waste a day
I’m chronically incapable
of actually being successful
Some say be optimistic
But I’m done with that s***
Constantly being told to perform that same skit
Some say reach for the stars, dream in the clouds
But while I’m reaching for the stars
I won’t get far
And while my head’s in the clouds
my body’s on the ground
Dealing with this horrid beast that
Some call

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