May 17, 2011
By demetriabrooks BRONZE, Hayward, California
demetriabrooks BRONZE, Hayward, California
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Rain hitting the windows
I set at home waiting for you
Cinders floating through the air
The thoughts of you make me smile
Even though right now I’m a little anxious
Because I want you here
Yet my eyes reminisce through the beautiful coats of their colors
Yellow reminds me of the popcorn we shared on our first date
White reminds me of the moon when we argued outside for hours
Right at the moment when I was about to get mad all over again
I see pink . . .
Pink reminds me of the hickey’s left on your body
Meaning that we still care about each other
Right as I get sad because I want this forever
Plus I know the odds are against us
Surprising yet subtle touch relieve me of these thoughts
Then I feel your lips on my neck and hands around my stomach
“I love you babe”
Then I forget I ever missed you

4:30pm the next day that feeling of loneliness hits again but I’ll be ok as long as I have my flowers there to help me through yet another lonely episode. . .

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