Not Worth Hearing

May 17, 2011
It's not that I'm hiding
I'm just not showing you
what's really there

You think you know me
everything I am
and everything I've ever been
but you don't.

The stories I haven't told you
could fill up a book
longer then any you're capable of reading
and more complicated
then anything
you could possibly understand.

I'm not questioning your
My story is just
too much to grasp at once.

So move on with your life.
Don't mind me.
Go on and be happy
with someone else.
Don't question me

I promise I won't hide.
At least,
not from you.
but there's no way
I'm going to show you
what's really there.

There's no way I possibly could.
There is simply too much to see.
But even if I could, by some miracle,
come up with a way to show you,
I wouldn't.
It's nothing you'd be interested in,

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