I Missed You Too

May 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Day one, Little Susie is packing her clothes
At night she tells me how excited she is
Day two, she goes shopping with her mom
At night I wonder what kind of gift she gives
Day three, the bus is here... yet so am I
Little Susie grabs her bag, and gives me a kiss on the cheek
I sit there on the bed wondering why I’m still here
The answer to this question I must seek
Day four, Susie is still gone
Not a trace of her childish songs in the air
Day five, I am miserable
And she hasn’t been around anywhere
Day six, she’s still gone?
Why, oh why hasn’t she came back
I must remove myself from the dresser
I will pack my stuffing and our favorite book in my little sack
Day seven, I was too afraid to go
What if she comes back while I am gone?
I must protect our little song
For she is my little fawn
Day eight, her mother is on the phone
My beloved friend is coming tomorrow!
Oh my, I must look my best
So I can give her my hugs to which she can’t say no
Day nine, I hear the bus
Susie’s mother runs to her and pats her hair
Little Susie runs to me and says, “I missed you so much!”
A hug, and a kiss, “I missed you too!” said the bear

The author's comments:
I was thinking about writing a poem about a girl losing her favorite bear. But then, I though, "How would the bear feel if it was the other way around?" So in this poem, I wrote the bear's feelings and their bear's point of view.

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