The Early Morning Reprimand

May 17, 2011
By AdamPfeiffer BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
AdamPfeiffer BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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The shimmer from the stars
Engraves our minds
This morning sun glares as it rises
Stealing the stars background
Another cool summer night vanishes
By the sun’s morning rays
Waking up to the roaring sun
After a date with the moon
The sun comes up to scold us
With its rays that slice through the blinds
With no remorse
But why this punishment
From the sun we devoted our whole day to?
Skin charred by the blistering sun
Muscles fatigued after a days worth of boating
And still,
The sun rises early this morning
To scourge my eyes with its blinding rays
My eyes that grew fond of the forgiving moon
Accompanied by the twinkling stars
As they shimmered on the sun-shocked water
With the cool summer breeze wrinkling their reflection
By each wave rolling endlessly further and further away
Each gentle wave swaying our boat back and forth
Back and forth
As if, once again infants in our mothers arm
Rocking us to bed each night
As I lay on the boat, gazing at the magnificent painting in the sky
I fear of the night’s demise
Knowing full well of the rude awakening,
Coming early next morning

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