Dry Bones

May 17, 2011
By miaou BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
miaou BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Smoldering smoke surrounds
Slowly engulfing
Flittering about in the faces of each
Clouding their desirous glances
Fading farther and farther back
Drifting and floating and fading away
Eyes shut.
Staring into a black sea
Patterns play, prancing
About the dimly lit;
Of my solemn, hazy eyelids.

Senses grow obscure
Slipping into an unknown abyss;
Watching the piercing rain
Gray clouds roll
Eyes staring up.
Suddenly falling
Through such a dream?
Frigid water swells
Grass grows taller,
I could have sworn I was laying there, sun beaming down strong.

Awoken out of slumber
Such screeching and searing sirens
Taken to a nightmare.
Long awaited, never desired
Ruby red, dazzling blue
Spinning lights sink, stab into my swollen eyes
Shut, slam, smash
Desperately searching to escape
My eyelids won't provide such a port.

Spinning out,
All control lost
Fierce and powerful attempts
Legs numb, and I cannot move.
One by one
Taken into fire
There is no escape
Didn't you expect this?

Dragged out, stolen
So slowly
Veins rushing
Panic cannot subside.
Caught right
In the middle
Of it all
Set into a trap
Doors swung up
Smoke filters out
Just as myself.
As each and every
Is taken into obscurity.

Metal clanks
Wrists are immovable.
Pounds and pounds and pounds
Quite the success.

Our falling out.

And expected.
You set yourself up, oh clever one
Years of practice
Of hiding
Once done so well
How did you even end up in this place?

As an escape
No, of course not
You so dreadfully plead.
Looking back
For the essential
Memory of key.

That surrounding
Green, green, green
Now your demise
Should it have been?
Such sweet and cheap contentment
Climbing further, further, further
No, falling
Down, down, down.

Buying into something you didn't know
Buy and sell
Buy and sell
Buy and sell
Roll it up slowly, so persistently you insisted.
One the brink
Top of your game.

Grown too much
At best
Rising up
Like the smoke that dances up and around
Even faster
Soon to meet defeat.

You now see.

Face cold on the
Frigid concrete. Fighting,
Never stop fighting.
Mind swirls about
Grasping for--

Blood swallows
Warn on my frozen, hard skin
Haven't I witnessed this before?
Wake up. This mustn't
Be real
Slamming my eyes open
Wide, so wide
Can't they go farther?
Realize, real eyes
That they are.

I'm staring blankly
Tiny rocks on the
Bitter ground
Bones ache,
Submitting myself
And finally,
Giving in.
Dreading all that is awaiting me
I am rendered.

Swallowed in
Surrounded by ashen,
Pallid walls.
Iron binds, chained down
Never an escape
Never to leave

Years pass,
Flittering, weaving, dancing
In and out of memory
Where have I gone?
Consistently wasting
Life falls down
Draining day by day
Until there isn't anything else to live for.

Sunken into darkness
Peering out for a bit of light
Never to be found
Stolid black engulfs
Don't look back
And can't see forward
Spinning in a persistent,
Endless circle.
Death stares at you blankly
To steal you for himself.
A life lost
A soul deceived
Clutching on a last
Glimmer of hope
However, it cannot be held
Spiraled into

Bones dry
Hard skin
Sunken eyes
Days are done
Light has faded
Eyes shut, fade
The last bit of light seeps
Moments slow,
Beating grows shallow
Flashing before
Such wasted moments, days, years.
Never to be held onto
You grow dim
You grow dark.
Fading out
Farther and farther
Blinding finally
And now, you're still.

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