i guess i am sorry?

May 17, 2011
By mademan BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
mademan BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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I always end up apologizing for something I didn’t do
Even though I know its not me its you
I pretend like every thing is ok
Most of the time I just don’t know what to say
I have never been happier
I have never been sadder
I have never been gladder
I have never been madder
I have never been stronger
I have never been weaker
But still I end up thinking
About our hearts always linking
We cannot seem to get rid of the wall
Take my heart… just take it all
The cycle we must break
I am sick of being fake
Break me out
Get rid of this doubt
Why cant we just go for it
Pain and trials we are sure to hit
Years will do us no good
On the line is where we stood
We have crossed it now
Complete trust we must allow
Or fatal it will be
From the baggage we will never be free
Pretending like we have moved on
Makes us more withdrawn
I guess only time will tell
In love with you I already fell
So why wait
Lets date.

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