My Last Breath

May 25, 2011
By Alive BRONZE, Winnetka, California
Alive BRONZE, Winnetka, California
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Favorite Quote:
2+2 = 4, I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet, the sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me. There are mysteries I will never understand but everywhere I look I see proof that for every effect there is the corresponding cause, even if I can’t see it… I find that reassuring.

Is the sound the gunshot made
When it shot my back
When I felt the shock of pain

It was where I lay, clutching my wound
As the blood kept dripping
It was where my breaths got louder, as my body became numb
Still, the blood kept dripping

My eyesight blurred
As my heart was racing
My touch loosened
As my thoughts cleared

My eyes began to close and
As I drew my last breath
I tried to talk, but only three words came out
“It’s been Good”

The author's comments:
Death seems like a scary thing, but Life is even scarier. Death comes but life is here. Death brings pain but can't life do that too.

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