The In Between

May 16, 2011
By Dhara Patel SILVER, Garland, Texas
Dhara Patel SILVER, Garland, Texas
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There are two type of people in the world
The one that settle for one thing
The one that takes the risk
Then there's me
I fall in between
I know when to take a risk
Sometime I sit on the side line
Watching everyone
Because I cant be like them
I can't be a normal teenager
Not with what I have been through
It prevents me from taking a big risk
Because there's a voice inside me
The one that says
What if?
What if they hurt me again?
What if this I cant heal?
What if this time the nightmare won't go away?
So I take the small risk
Some people would call me a coward
Maybe I am one
But I don't wan to be hurt again
I'm healing now
And my shield will not be destroyed
I refuse
That's why I am in the middle

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