Praising Nothing

May 17, 2011
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The fleeting fatalities of dark demise
A trial of errors a time we despise
The irreversible melody a pierce to the brain
Hacking and feeding a robotic refrain
Supply and demand and economy shifts
A huff and a puff the spirits will life
This cause and effect creates one more spike
The chic and edge era should not be disliked
The class and the taste of smoke and razor
A sharpness of tongue, a redness of flavor
A sleeping hallucination a mirage of perception
The circle of life a TV intervention
The flash of a screen and her interests’ peak
Diminishing soulfulness crumbling physique
Dulling our senses complain about cheap
The rich ones are famous the rest have been beat
My heartbeat pounds what we long for in soul
Last trial of time before machine takes its toll
Nightly rounds of electro seep into our heads
Smoke it with money sell to be fed
Mourn the losses of those that were best
Rejoicing to nothing all options addressed
Search and destroy and test on yourself
Faith is frozen on a child’s paltry shelf
Nothing makes sense; verisimilitude is weak
Originality falters with our freedom of speech

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Maria09 said...
Jul. 17, 2011 at 3:37 pm
ilOVE this poem. Its so different, so unique, i love this
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