False Awnsers.

May 16, 2011
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I don't wan't to hear your lies anymore.
I don't wan't to hear how i'm not perfect enough.
I'm done with all you false awnsers and crap about me.
I am beautiful.
Words have power and I rebuke your filthy mouth of fowel hatred.
The only reason you say these words are because you can't find anything good about yourself because you pathetic and a waste of time and life.
How dare you judge me for being who I am and not a plastic doll covered in paint and glitter.
I'm sorry I'm not in line like the rest of them.
wait acctually i'm not sorry i'm only sorry for you i stand out because i'm different and so I can't hide that it will always shine through.
so shut up with your mouth with your false awnsers, because nobody asked you.

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