Winter's Here

May 16, 2011
By writingmagic26 BRONZE, Eureka, Missouri
writingmagic26 BRONZE, Eureka, Missouri
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The snow falls
on a cold winter night.
A snowman stands
outside a house
keeping watch
as the soft flakes fall.

A girl cuddles up with her dad
by a warm fire
under a colorful quilt.
They laugh through the night
fuzzy socks on their feet
and hot chocolate warming their hands.

In the morning a radio blares
“School’s closed! School’s closed!”
A small boy shuffles downstairs
in his teddy bear pajamas
awaiting pancakes, French toast
and a warm winter breakfast.

A college girl smiles
as she sits in a coffee shop
computer in front of her,
a story beginning.
Out the window kids fly
down a powdery hill
laughing and playing
in the snow.

That night snow falls
to cover the footprints and
snow angels, snow forts, a child’s lost mitten.
Fires crackle
a baby sleeps
and a snowman keeps watch
as the soft flakes fall.

The author's comments:
This was a Language Arts assignment: write a poem about your favorite season. Winter is nice because it makes you think of those days when you were little, waiting for Santa, and were cuddled up warm in a blanket by the fire, you're mom and dad lulling you to sleep.

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