If I was a bird...

May 16, 2011
It's dark and cold,
in this cruel world
No way out,
except death,
I would rather have my life taken,
then take my own,
As I watch people live life,
like it's easy,
I wonder...
what would it be like to be someone else?
I could change myself easily,
never completely,
I was never really living,
only dreaming,
floating aimlessly,
in the sky,
if only that was true,
If I was a bird,
my wings would be deep blue,
like the ocean,
feathers long and flowing like streams,
my body would be shaded,
in various shades of purple,
the tips would be yellow,
and my beak would be long and curved at the tip,
with crimson red fading to maroon,
For I would fly away and never return,
If I was a bird.

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