I don't feel like Answering to you<3

May 16, 2011
By xzombieherex SILVER, Belleville, New Jersey
xzombieherex SILVER, Belleville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"I talk to God, but the sky is empty."-Sylvia Plath

I can't hear you,
I can't hear you,
I can't hear you
I'm so sorry but I can't hear you.

If it was a day, I would think years.
Can you wipe away my tears?
Can you save me from the despair of my own world?
A smile can hide so much.
Defenseless, I can feel it in your touch.

I can feel the panic in your voice.
Your so nervous, your nerves jumping off the walls, and you have no choice.
You let go, and I let go,
Look at me, look at what I've done!
You wouldn't understand or would you try sometime?
Would you take me with you sometime?

Let's run away and never look back,
Let's keep running before the sun turns black,
Even if it does no one can spilt us apart,
Let's keep running, and not think with our hearts.

"Let's go to a place, where we can be ourselves and hide from the world.
Where we won't feel like this, and we run full speed into our own little worlds.
Come to the city with me, where we can be true to ourselves.
And find the happiness, that we didn't have because at home we weren't ourselves.
We had to hide, justt to please them.
We had to hide to match the perfect status and be them."

I wrote that, I swear I did, when I didn't know where I was at.
I understand where all your bad reviews have come, your so critical.
I use to try to argue with your jealously,but in you its completely typical.

Your such a hypocrite individual, it's amazing how you even have friends.
It's amazing how you have anything really,even your own parents have to pretend.
Speechless, and doubtful, I can see where you get it.
Don't disfigure me, get it?

I can see our hands in a united stand,
with our eyes in a gentle stare, you understand?
You get what I'm passing on?
I don't remember the rest,
I can't hear you, but I can hear the pound in my chest.
Beating, no punching me like it wanted to leave me.
Doesn't everyone want to leave me?

I've have always liked you, your so f****** perfect.
Your eyes and your personality, I can hear it reflect.
You stand tall in the memory I have of you.
With your eyes as light, as baby blue.
I can still hear your pitchy girly angry voice.
I covered my ears, you left me no other choice.
I can't hear you,
I probably never will.
Because your screaming at me still.

Keeping a deep thought of you with me in my head,
the scent of you, stained the sheets of my bed.
Why are you so amazing? Why do you steal my attention?
You being yourself gives me a different sensation.

The beauty of the flame that broke out.
Can you tell me more,sweet heart, anything you make out?
Away went what I believed because once I met you I couldn't sleep.
It's difficult because I don't know you, but what I feel is way deep.

If I lied and said that I didn't feel amazing every time you spoke back,
I would be a liar, but I'm on track.
With the world as the leaves die.
I can hear you saying my name real high.
I feel like I'm floating in space .
Your voice flowing in my ears taking me into another place.

I guess that's how you know it's real.
When my words can't describe what I feel.
Or maybe I can, or maybe justt not yet.
I'm justt glad that we met.

I lay in your heart.
Deep, and steady as you lay in my.
Your the biggest most special part.
I knew it, from the start.
That maybe we were meant to be as one.
Your outstanding, enough it's done.
I love how I'm speaking to you
I hope I actually end up meaning something good enough to you.

But back to my personal subject,
but you don't hear me either, you also reject.
I can't hear you, and I don't think I ever will.
I tried, well not really, it gives me thrill.
Each time you explode in anger and cause a huge war.
I suppose you want me to calm you, but tonight my hands are sore.

I would have put my hands in fire for you,
I guess I trust you, I guess I believe anything you say is true.
My urge of sugar is complaining, "Miss. Scarleth please feed me?"
I know you want some, that drug that likes me.

But honey, remind me how many times we cried together?
How many times, we shouted and say we would last forever?!?!
I remember our creative discussion of this exact problem.
I can see the droplets of blood faced on your picture album.
We could have been a beautiful couple full of love and trust.
But everything crashed down and was left in dust.
Want to continue with your screaming?
My eyes are shut, and now I lay day-dreaming.

I've been walking up and down with another question without an answer.
Baby, I kept chasing after you but I just couldn't go any faster !

You under estimate me, you over judge me,
"Set the example," but you don't see what I see.
Call it a ghost,call it in my head.
Drown all the little girls and boys in my bed,
With the chalk peeling, picking on the board.
Keep talking, and stop being bored.

You can't see the obstacles I have to run through,
and how many times I cried because I saw you.
He,she, or whoever watches me, makes sure I'm there.
But the dark figure, the evil copy of me.
The person who breathes and weeps justt like me.

I had died, I remember every detail,
How was my corpse alive already and I didn't know.
Old me, Old Scarleth Kong had been alive all this time, and you didn't tell me so.

Spiders crawling tasting the crusty old dry blood,
with my head smashed, still you see the rusty nails.
Twisted leg, twisted foot, everyone know but no one tells.
Dirty mud on my clothes with all the blood dripping from my toes.

Where was I going to exactly? I don't know.
It was like I wasn't thinking straight ...
Maybe this was my fate.
To resurrect and die when ever I choose too.
So spook and kill you.

The evil that hugs me at night,
You can't see him, only I can, because I can see the light.
The only one that I can see.
I use to dream of the sharks that swim in the sea.
I love her, justt like psychos love the blood that flows in a body.
Like pedophiles adore kids, and how scientists love measuring liquids.

It's amazing how far my imagination goes.
I don't want to go to school anymore.
Join me? 1,2,3,4
What was I thinking when I started this?
I would continue but but where would I be going with this?

I use to hate myself, I looked in the reflection of the mirror and saw nothing.
I always knew I wasn't something, nope, I was nothing.
Ever felt like that?
Drinking, and drugging isn't that the cool thing now a days,
I would like that?
Probably not, I do things when I say,
and if you don't like it then justt go away?

I meant once you were there,
And it was amazing how you can be,
It's actually magnificent how you do that for me.
Your shadow reflecting my spirit that isn't very healthy,
Now a days, it's very complicated, because people only care if your wealthy.
What was I looking for? I forgot,
but I got you didn't I? Something close.
I guess your like medication or something to that dose.
Healing my heart like a best friend goes.
I don't understand my sentence either, if that's what your asking me?
But it's difficult me too, because no one still knows.

I use to think I could do anything, I don't now,
Because I realize that I don't know how.
Till I figure things out, I'm going to hide..
And if the results are still hidden, I hope I die.

I can't hear you, I still can't hear you.
I like to scare you, to threaten you, and tell you.
That one day, justt one day, your not gonna see me anymore,
I'll justt disappear,
No questions, no comments please,
you know I hate being here &lt;/3

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