Hidden hate

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

u turned my world dark u made it end, u broke his heart, and in the process made my hate for u grow ever deeper, ur the reason for his disappearances yet u act like its his fault that u did this, ur the reason i have restrain myself from tell him the truth telling him u really don't love, that all u want is to kill him, to crush his heart to shatter my world, all u want is to make everyone as miserable as u can, u know i want to kill u but yet u look at me daring me to make the move so u can cry out and get what u have always wanted which is to get rid of all of his loved ones to make him vulnerable, i have news for u, u have to deal with me, i will not let u ruin his life i will let u kill me first, i know how to get to u i know how to piss u off to the point were u want to hit me, i will get u to that point and when u hit me u can bet i will be ready to kill u, all u do to me now will only make it worst on u, so do what u like it will only make my day of revenge so much sweeter.....i dare u to look me in the eye, when u do i know u see all the hate i have for u building up, i know ur afraid of what will happen when i snap and all i can say is be careful of all u do, for i will get my time to show u how i feel....

The author's comments:
well pretty much everything I put on here was from what I refer to as my darker period. So yeah I'm aware its kinda dark and mean and everything so yeah.

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