April 14, 2011
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Trying to remember who you are,
Is like,
Waking up,
From a dream,
Not quite able to remember,
What happened,
How it felt,
What it was like,

Like standing up,
My head lifted to stare,
Into a mirror

It shatters,
Pieces of ragged, destroyed glass,
On the Ground
I bend at the waist,
Frantically trying,
To put the pieces back together,
Every shard slicing,
Deeper with a new attempt,
Tears and Blood fall,
My pains spotting the glass

Struggling, Broken and Unable,
To fix
What is already too damaged,
Beyond repair,

If one piece of broken glass,
Reflects hope,
I will try,
Even damaging, destroying,
To put the pieces together again.

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