April 14, 2011
Tears have rolled down my eyes every morning
Memories from the past
Was it that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time
Do I have a mission to accomplish
I feel as if something very important has been forgotten
Maybe a promise has been broken
My heart is not whole
No matter what is done the past still haunts me to this day
Every night I close my eyes images appear
Tears come and stain my pillow
Something draws me back
Something won’t let me leave the past
Continuous thoughts fill my head

Nothing to this point makes sense
I need to go back
It’s not a want it’s a need to go back
Something is unfinished
I’m connected for some unknown reason
Tears streak down my face for this reason
I must seek what is unknown
Everything is unclear
Going back may be for the best because something is not right
It’s unknown and not right
My memories hold the key
The key shall unlock everything

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