As It Should Be

April 14, 2011
You know what I have noticed?
Everything is a competition
Even in nature

We all know about survival of the fittest
And the hierarchy called the food chain
But what I'm talking about is different

The clouds try to hide the sun
The sun tries to break through

The sun set trumps the sun rise every time
And not just because no one is awake to see the latter

The stars outshine the moon
Some days
Unless the moon is full
But even then her self esteem weakens
And she shrinks again
And the stars reign

The lightning challenges the thunder
As the rain battles the snow
As the tornado outdoes the hurricane
The volcano hurls fury at the quake

The struggles are ugly
Never ending
And forever we will fall victim
Caught in the middle of the clashes of titans
And the gods will realize they're no more than men
And man will become less than animal
Chaos. Madness.
Law and order.
The way it all should be.

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