Ode to My Sock

April 14, 2011
Oh sock how I love you!
Sitting in my drawer, you call home.
So sweet and smelling like blue.
Surrounded by your fellow socks, not alone.
Now smelling horrible, pew!
But sock please know I still love you so.
Since you are one of one of my favorite out of the few.
You keep me so warm, even down to the bone.
Even though all raggedy, to me you are still like new.
Oh sock please note again that I love you like my phone.

Oh sock how I love you!
I just love the way you’ve been sewn.
Covered with polka dots and cupcakes too!
I feel like you’re so close, so well known.
Sock, I still love you even if you’re the one whose been chewed.
You have been with me so long, I feel like you’ve grown.
It as though you are stuck to me like glue.
As I’ve come to realize you are sometimes just in the zone.
I’ve noticed you are so quiet, and not so loud like a kazoo.
But note that I still love you, like my favorite ice cream cone.

Oh sock how I love you!
You are like a king on a throne.
Ruling my feet, just like you do.
And keeping my feet so comfy and warm.
Oh sock, did I ever tell you that you make my heart melt like fondue?
Or that you comfort me even if there is a bad storm?
Oh sock you are always there for me not having to be given a cue.
Oh sock you are with me all the time! Just like a roommate in a dorm.
Oh sock you never annoy me, or have me to tell you shoe!
Oh sock let I tell you that I love you, just how love my tea lukewarm.

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