April 4, 2011
By SpiderWoman_ThePoet BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
SpiderWoman_ThePoet BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Hope for the BEST, Expect the WORST.

Are dreams what you WILL do?
Or are they what you WANT to do?
When I hear “Dreams,” it makes me think.
Do I want to dream big?
Or just dream in mediocrity?
If I dream big, what if I don’t succeed?
If I dream mediocre, what if I could do better?
What happens if I don’t dream at all?
Will I be satisfied in life?
Will I ever really know my full potential?
Should I stick to short-term dreams or think ahead?
What if I think too far and get distracted on the way?
Then what happens? Do I start over?
Do I begin with new dreams?
Do I change my old ones to something different?
Do I keep the old ones and just modify them slightly?
There’s only one person that can answer these questions.
There’s only one person that can dream for you.
Whether you choose to dream or not
It’s up to you what you want to do.
As for me, I’ll dream for what I know I can do
Because in the end, dreams are dreams that you know you can achieve.

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