April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I look at you with hope
…and little worry
Praying every night that one day you will be able to have a normal life
…even though the chances are slim
Hearts brake when simple actions can’t be done
…usually with an expression of confusion spread across our faces
The unknown is frightening
…based on fate and not fact
We must watch you like a hawk
…previous events have proven that is needed
You are different
…lack abilities in certain areas
Denial has traveled with me believing those imaginational lies
…it has left now
However in many ways you exceed
…amazing me with your beautiful toddler grin
Having much care to give
…knowing deep down you wish to show it more often
I have faith in you; I will stick up for you
…do my best to protect you
No matter what I am your shelter
…you’re never alone
You are a hero and I am your sidekick
…fighting crime side by side
Seeing you every day, noticing that progress has been made
…sentences flowing from your mouth like never before
You inspire me, my little savoir
…teaching me lessons that couldn’t be taught any other way
You feel ignored and lost
…I understand you
I would never wish for another, no matter how bad things can get
…seeking the perfection within in you
Most of all please never forget
...I love you baby brother

The author's comments:
My four year old brother has been diagnosed with autism. It is very difficult for our family but we all pitch in to help the best possible way, I believe he will get better. Knowing that he is advanced compared to other autistic children i've seen, this poem gives a glimpse of our life with him.

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