Out With The Tide

April 4, 2011
By dreams_end PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
dreams_end PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
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She turns away
Secretly hoping he will stay
"Why are you crying?" he asks
"It's nothing," she tries to mask

Holding back the tears
She fights to no avail
Just give up and give in
She thinks she'll always fail

"What's the matter?" he asks again
Then reaches out and lifts her chin
She quickly turns away
And says "It's nothing, okay"

They stand there in silence
The two of them alone
The midnight ocean air
Chilling their bones

She sits in the sand
He reaches down to take her hand
She tries to hide her face
And he knows it's not his place

The quiet is eerie
The stars are shining bright
Wispy clouds feather the sky
On this perfectly tragic night

Finally he turns away
And walks back up the shore
She thought forever he would stay
Bitter tears cut her to the core

She turns to look behind her
But he's already gone
"You were my everything," she whispers
And she cries on

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