Fairy Tales

April 4, 2011
By dreams_end PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
dreams_end PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
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I'm all ears,
So please, go ahead, tell me,
Explain to me this irrational use of time
When we already have so little left
All I want to know is why
Why do you spend your life
Faking, pretending, living a lie?
Do you honestly have nothing better?
Do you think your storybook ending will come out of this?
Do you think that somehow
You'll find a prince just as fake as you are
And run off into the painted sunset
To marry him in front of your masquerading "friends"
Maybe I'm a cynic, but that doesn't happen
Cinderella, Snow White, the ones you idolize,
Their lives are fairy tales
They're a lie
Just. Like. You.

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