The Standardized Laws

April 14, 2011

Following this path,
is leading to my demise.
It seems no matter how I try,
it always ends in despise.

Seeing how others look,
makes me deceived.
Always comparing myself,
is not making me relieved.

Singling out every detail,
from the best to the flaws.
It seems as if there are standards,
feeling more and more like laws.

Disturbing images,
flash through my head.
It comes at the worst time,
mainly before bed.

Seeing myself in the mirror,
with a glum face.
Makes every second,
seem like a slow pace.

I've almost reached destruction,
the way I'm heading.
The heart to heart tales,
are what I'm dreading.

The truth stings,
sharper than anything I know.
I'm heading to the spot,
the lowest of the lows.

It seems like there are,
so many paths to fail on.
And so little tries,
that are always gone.

The way I am,
seems to get a frown.
But to me,
It seems like a crown.

The way I live,
is always put down.
When will I find a way,
to fit that heavenly gown?

I may not get it yet,
but it takes time.
Just like it takes,
a poet how to rhyme.

Listening to lessons,
helps me grow.
Even if I’m to far down,
they raise me like a tow.

Despite the wrong,
that makes me terrible.
They see what they want,
wish is supposedly unbearable.

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