Where I'm From

April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

My soul from the scent of rain, the gale of wind, the crash of a storm in the dead of night;
My heart belongs to the place of morning glories, of mountain streams and fertile plains, a garden that would rival Eden herself;
My being resides where the trees garnish themselves for each passing season, where the diamond dust glitters pure on the onyx trees in winter and the sapphire lakes break upon their emerald banks, the amber star warm over head in the summer;
A land of unmatched beauty, that’s where I come from.

The table is set where mirth fills each plate, the sweet perfume of cinnamon sweets tantalizing, prolonging our wait, but we don’t mind as smiles satiate out appetite all the same;
The glasses are filled with cool lemonade on a refreshing day under the tepid sun, to be refilled with steamy coca as the chill night falls, each a liquid life in its own, passing quickly into our grateful gullets;
The further passing days are seen with meals less exquisite but delicious none the less – poultry from a grill, a pie of tomatoes and cheese in the oven, warm bread with fillings nourish us in our norm;
A hearth of laughter and care, that’s where I dine.

One past is filled with mistakes, most new, several recurring, but all real; a hand rests on my shoulder, a grin meets my eye, forgiveness falls upon my ears – against fate, I have a moment to redeem myself;
One home is filled with life; though spread through many rooms in many buildings across many lands, one home remains a home, the family growing ever stronger to stand as a solid oak; the entirety may be separate, but it is whole nonetheless;
One existence is filled with experience; a seed of knowledge sprouts forth, the parents learn and advise their children, who in turn teach us; priceless lessons we shall pass down the line, for the success of all those to come;
A chorus of voices laden with wisdom, that’s what I hear.

Each blood relation who shares this world, a single tree worth an entire forest, sprouting saplings that all grow back into the mother tree, a joyous reality that I am fortunate to have;
Each passing angel of God, who graces my kin with blessings galore; the protection He and They bestow upon us; sanctions we deserve not but out of His righteousness we may receive with honor;
Each kind friend, no matter how great or small, who passes us by merely to say hello and lighten a dark day, who does a good deed simply to create a smile;
A grand community of compassion and care, that’s who I live with.

An uncertain future, the knowledge that only the unhappy sting of loss is imminent, the fact that gain will only come trough work and trials;
An undecided plan, a place I know I must go, a place I know not how to reach; my story that shall only unfold page by page, one word at a time;
An unsure legacy, the work of a lifetime that has yet to be lived, something to be left as the inheritance of the world to leave it a better place, something great to have accomplished in the instant of time I occupy;
A means of improving even a single life, that’s what I must learn.

To those who pushed my abilities to their fullest, whether through encouragement or rivalry, who gave me a reason to become who I am, or to compete and prove I am strong in my own ways;
To those who carried me when I had fallen, who lifted me into the sky when I lost my will and faith, who gave me the incentive to keep going after I had given up;
To those who did nothing more than silently support me from the sidelines, whether in this world or from the grand gates of the hereafter, who simply wished with their hearts for me to go on and become myself;
To all of those with kindness, compassion, sympathy;
To all of those with concern, understanding, duty, and faith;
To all of those with love in any form,
You are who I try to be.

The author's comments:
This is not my favorite thing I've ever written. In fact, after I finished it I quite despised how I chose to do free verse instead of some rhyming pattern. But, on a recent dive through my portfolio, I came across this and it's grown on me some. All in all I think it's a fair representation of my style.

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