Where he'll lies

April 6, 2011
By , Merryville, LA
What does this all mean
Where does it come from
Why do I ask question
Who is with me 
Where am I
What is this place
When can I get away 
How long have I been here
Where do I belong
Why am I here
Why do I fear 
 The day you come back
The day we see face to face
The day you say good-bye 
The weekend I cry
Why is it we lie 
  Why do I stay in this life
Where is it going from here
Why are my dreams gone
When will my dreams come back
 My heart is gone 
I never got it back
It was whole 
When it got into your hands it fell apart 
Just like my life 
 When no one ever cared
When should my life get easy
When do I need to go
When should I take my life
When do I need to die 
When do I need to cry 
This is why I hate life
You never know what going to happened
When you breath it could be your last breath
  Why am I still waiting 
Why am I still in pain
Why am I in control
 Where is my life 
How can I take it  
When is my last breath
Why am I still alive
If no one cares 
Why am I here
Can I take my life
  When I lose you 
I never could think
Now I'm down and depress
  I can't get out of this hell
All I  feel like doing is dying
Where is the love
Where can I stay 
Where will you be
 How will I know if it's right
To take my life 
Where do I need to go
For all this 
My life is a living hell 
I can't get out
Im burning to pieces
  All you do is watch me burn
Never try to help
Never listened to
 Never cared
Never loved
Now I'm just fading away 
Into the dark 
No where to go
  No one to care for 
No one to love 
No one to live for 
How should this end 
Life is hell
  I get a chance to run 
But I choose not to
I choose to stay here
What do I do next
  Where do I go from here
How do I get out of this hell
Why am I still here 
Where is my love
All I see is a wall
All I see is the darkness
All I see is the flaming fire
All I hear is the silence of the air
There is no one here 
The ones who were are gone
Just like my life should be 
I shouldn't be here 
I shouldn't be in this hell
All I got is sorrow and sickness
All I had was my perfect love
Now I have nothing to live for 
All I have is sickness and poor 
Life for me is not in line
All I got to do is die 
What would the people who actually care think
What will they say
What will the haters say
What will they do
Why am I still talking 
Why am I still laughing
This should be my ending
Why do I still care 
Why am I stuck in this hell
Where is my mind
Am I still alive 
Is this all a dream 
Or is this life
Or am I dead
My life is flashing before my eyes 
Where is this place called life
Am I dead yet or am I still alive
Where is this life 
Here I am 
Looking into my eyes 
All I see is dark
There's nothing there 
All my cares are gone
All my love is gone
All my life is gone 
There is no need to live 
If I go through this hell
Will I ever get out
Will I be here forever
Will I ever be in love
Or will I die without a sound 
Is this it for me
Is this the rest of my life
 It is the time
For you to say
Everything you always wanted to
I cant hear you
All I hear is my life fading away 
From the day you said good bye 
  Am I gone for life or is this my mind
Where am I going
Why is this my hell
Why am I so scared
Can you hear me 
Pushing you away
Telling you good-bye
Shouting with all I got
You never listen 
You dont hear me 
Do I need to leave
If I do where will I go
When should I stop crying 
This is the end of my life
My life is fading away

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