Big Brother

April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

big brother
now your six feet under.
Never to feel the warm sun
but only maggots on your gun.
hear the laughter of one another.
to hear the cries of your own mother.
Big brother.
now your six feet under.
I simply can't replace
that smile you have placed
In this world of twist and turns
we simply can't escape.
Big brother
now your six feet under.
i simply still can't replace...
all the memories we shared.
it let me know you still cared.
Big brother.
now you six feet under
days are are shorter
time is little
and to the end of the earth
i'll simply say..
Big brother.. i'm six feet under.

The author's comments:
Well, this piece was written because i had a really close guy friend of my named chris, who had committed suicide, and i wanted to write my feelings out the day i wrote this, because i was really upset about losing him

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