Our Sweet Baby Boy

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

“Oh mommy, look the pens, do you see the puppies there?”
She knelt down and kissed me,
“Yes, and one of them will be family.”

“His eyes are closed so tight, do you think he is asleep?”
Her hand scooped him up,
“Alright, he’s ours, let’s take him home.”

“Look his tail is wagging, is he finally awake?”
She turns around and smiled,
“Of course, he’s scratching a hole in the food.”

“Can I put him in my lap, on our way back to the house?”
His small legs pranced on my thighs,
“Oh no, silly puppy, you just peed on me.”

“What should we name him, our new baby boy?”
Her brows furrowed, then relaxed,
“I’ll let you use your imagination, and come up with that.”

“Doggy, what should I call you, with your spots so cute?”
His chocolate eyes stared up at me,
“Call me something full of life, and happiness.”

“Eddie, you are here with us forever, we love you, did you know?”
His tail it waved more frequently,
“I’m glad to be here with you, to be with a family.”

“Why is he so crazy, chasing those shadows in the grass?”
My eyes darted between the trees,
“Try and catch me if you can, I am way too fast.”

“Ouch, I didn’t do anything to you, why are you biting me?”
Little fresh imprints bejeweled my wrist,
“I’m sorry but I’m teething, give me something chewy.”

“Do you want to go for a walk, before the storm comes?”
Suddenly thunder began to rumble,
‘Emmie, I’m scared, pick me up and let’s go back.”

“It’s sunny today, and warm, do you want to go to the park?”
Repeatedly he finds a pile of manure,
“It’s all natural, I promise, I am just always hungry.”

“Eddie, why are you standing by the dinner table?”
He sneaks up even closer,
“Oh come on, just a little piece of chicken, please.”

“Did you really eat that chipmunk while you stayed at grandma’s house?
I patted his back disappointedly,
“I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I couldn’t stop chasing him in the bushes.”

“You’ll hurt yourself Eddie, do you have to run so much?”
But he didn’t listen well,
“My old bones are hurting, I don’t think I’ll run now.”

“Your knees are now metal plates, can I call you bionic?”
He raised his head slowly,
“Don’t make me grumpy, let me sleep the day away.”

“Prince Edward, my dear, would you like your special dinner?”
His plump body waddled over,
“Finally, Emelie, didn’t you see it’s past five fifteen.”

“Emmie, I don’t feel good, my body’s weak and tired, do you think I’m sick?”
He laid still through all the hours,
“Don’t worry, I will make you better, you will feel young again.”

“Emmie, I can’t stop coughing, do you think I can eat?”
I placed a bowl of broth before him,
“Please drink this, don’t starve my skinny baby boy.’

“Emmie, I can’t sleep anymore, can you stay up with me tonight?”
I laid down on his bed beside him,
“It’s okay, little baby, it’s just the medicine that they gave you.”

“What should I do Emmie, I am so confused?”
I ushered him from behind the desk,
“Love, I will do whatever you wish to do.”

‘I like the sunshine outside will you come and sit with me?”
We sat in the yard together,
“It’s warm, it’s paradise, I promise, you will see.”

“Hey mom, I’m home and hungry, are we eating soon?”
I lugged by book bag from the trunk,
“Emmie, Eddie went to doggy heaven this afternoon.”

“Don’t cry Emmie, I’ll always be with you, it’s just like you said,
My own warm, sunny paradise,
Plus the chipmunks.”

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