May 13, 2011
By PR_Princess7 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
PR_Princess7 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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I sit behind you in Algebra II and
beside you in Chemistry.
I give you rides to work.
You come to my parties!
How is it you don’t know my damn name?!
You are quick to say you are my friend,
and even quicker to say that you love me.
You are swift to learn all my secrets,
My Fears,
My Dreams.
If you speak the Truth,
then please, enlighten me,
and tell me how is it that you don’t know My Name?!
Nerd, Loner, Hoe, B****, Fatty…
These names are not the name I was given at birth…
But being with you it seems I can’t shake them.
Hearing them escape you lips, seems so natural.
Stupid, Idiot.
They seem to fit me so well.
Maybe you’re right.
Maybe its time to end it, to end me.
Time to leave and give up.
Hide, run, never look back.
Of course these names hurt!
“Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words can never hurt me”…??
But what is one to do when it’s all they hear… Constantly.
They pound around in my head, branded
into the soft tissue of my brain.
Oh! You’re sorry? Ha!
Its too late, they are there, branded, scaring me.
They were once yours but now, they are mine.
I know them all to well. I believe them with every fiber of my being. And it’s your fault!

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