The Rain

May 13, 2011
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the rain falls without second thoughts
it waters the plants and renews our soul
kids splash in puddles and have fun
a time away to be free from the sun
to be like the rain is to not be afraid
like saving the world without having doubts
the rain teaches us many new things
it can tell us a story of victory and glory
or a story of sadness and failure
the rain falls wherever it wants to
to be like the rain is to have no limits
the rain can bring paradise and peace
at times it can bring disaster, typhoons at the least
the rain can sing songs all day long some slow, soft, and peaceful
some fast, hard, and mind blowing
but the rain does one thing for sure
it always brings something new
the rain always catches us by surprise
it is beautiful in our eyes
tat, tat, tat…the rain falling from above
ahhh… what a soothing sound
what great peace we have found
the rain runs through the night
where will it go? no one really knows
as it disappears in broad daylight
you don’t know when it’s coming
sneaking and stalking this planet
coming when earth needs it most
replenishing the land with its graceful and powerful hand
…. are you like the rain?

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